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As Thailand’s leading rice factory, and with more than 40 years of experience, we strive to continuously improve our production process. This is for Thai parboiled rice to have a quality standard that is desired by the international market.


Parboiled rice

Parboiling improves the milling quality by reducing tihe amount of broken rice. It also improves the nutritional value of the rice. This is because the nutrients from the shell are absorbed and remain in the seed during soaking and steaming processes. As a result, the color of the rice becomes light yellow. More>>

100% Premium Grade Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is the paddy that has been soaked and steamed until cooked. Then it is dehumidify before milling and polishing to get rid of the husk and the bran. With the use of machine technology and the expertise of Thaisaree’s operators, we can produce premium parboiled rice with a variation of colours folowing the market demand. Dark colour parboiled rice has a higher price in general compared to light colour product. More>>

Parboiled rice is

      (parboiled rice) Parboiled rice is rice that has undergone a steaming process before being milled and polished. Parboiled rice is a rice-type product of Thailand, which is been processed further from normal white or brown rice. Parboiled rice has to contain at least 25% of amylose, whilst normal white rice contains about 20-30% of amylose. Amylose is a complex compound formed by the aggregation of many glucose molecules into a linear chain. Rice with high amylose content, when cooked, is more crumbly and drier than rice with low amylose content. More>>

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