About Us


For more than 45 years, Thaisaree Rice Mill, Klong Klung district, Kamphaeng Phet, has been engaged in the parboiled-rice milling business. On 18th September 1975, the company was founded and managed by Mr.Bamrung and Mrs.Rungthip Kitchpakorn. At the time, the plantation area was 4 rai (6,400 sq. m.) and was producing white rice using steam engines with the capacity of 40 tons per day. After that, we continuously developed and increased our production capacity until in 1984; we began to produce parboiled rice. The factory had the capacity of 200 tons per day and was registered as Thaisaree Group 339 Ltd., Part. in 2001.

Thaisaree Rice Mill is located in the area of rice cultivation in the Northern part of Thailand, with a total area of approximately 20 million rai (32 billion sq. m.). That is why we have the material for our production throughout the year. We continued to expand our production capacity until finally in 2012; Thaisaree plant has 3 parboiled-rice mills with the capacity of 1,800 tons per day , operating  on  over 500 rai (800,000 sq. m.).  This makes us one of the parboiled-rice companies with the highest production capacity in Thailand.

From our extensive experience, stable production capacity, and continuous development in both production technology and rice quality improvement, we can produce premium quality products on the regular basis. That is why we have always been acknowledged and trusted by our customers. On 4th September 2015, we were registered as an exporter under the name of Thaisaree Export Co., Ltd. After that, on 1st November 2016 we changed the company status from Thaisaree Group 339 Ltd., Part. to Thaisaree Group 339 Co., Ltd.