100% Premium Grade Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is the paddy that has been soaked and steamed until cooked. Then it is dehumidify before milling and polishing to get rid of the husk and the bran. With the use of machine technology and the expertise of Thaisaree’s operators, we can produce premium parboiled rice with a variation of colours folowing the market demand. Dark colour parboiled rice has a higher price in general compared to light colour product.

From different production processes, parboiled rice has higher nutritional value than white rice. The benefits of producing parboiled rice are the improved milling quality by reducing the broken rice and the increased nutritional value of rice when consumed. Parboiled rice contains high vitamins B and E, easy to cook and easy to store. Therefore, it has a very good health benefits. However, Thailand exports more parboiled rice to the world market than domestic consumption. Currently, the Thai parboiled rice market is located in South Africa and the Middle East. This is because parboiled rice has the smell and taste is not desired by consumers who are familiar with plain white rice. Also, parboiled rice has higher production costs than ordinary white rice.

Rice Research and Development Indicates that parboiled rice must have the following standards

Grain length:
Long Grain Grade 1 and Grade 2 combined, at least 60.0 percent. Short grain rice may not exceed 10.0 percent.

Grain quality:
Whole grain rice at least 80.0 percent, long broken rice with a length between 5.0 and 8.0 parts no more than 4.0 percent. Short broken rice with a length less than 5.0 parts or smaller than No. 7 sieve no more than 0.5 percent.